Finding a Natural Solution

Amongst the chaos of having new babies, we discovered that nappy rash creams were full of chemicals. Looking for a chemical-free and natural alternative we came across organic coconut oil. We loved organic coconut oil but found that depending on the weather it would either become lumpy or liquidy making it hard to apply and messy to handle; just like your typical nappy rash creams.

There's No Time for Mess

We quickly found out as new mums that there is just no time anymore! Especially straight after swimming or in the back of a car or when it’s cold at 3am . . . there is no time! But we love our babies and don’t want their bums to miss out. So we put our organic coconut oil into a spray and found a way for it to stay sprayable all the time. No mess, no need to rub in, just quick and easy to use.


We love our Organic Coconut Oil Spray and hope you enjoy it as much as we do.



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